L.O.V.E Global WIFI


L.O.V.E. PROJECT and L.O.V.E. Intranet was created by the Okanagan Indian Confederacy, a 1st Nations Grassroots Tribe located near Penticton, B.C. Canada.  In collaboration with the Chen Family Dynasty, an ancient Asian Tribe also known as Light Indigenous Confederacy, L.O.V.E. international Wi-Fi and L.O.V.E. satellite constellation networks was launched skyward in
January of 2018.

Since our inception, over 1,000 Tribes, Indigenous Bands, and altruistic organizations have signed
the unique Treaty of Light to unlock the broad potential of a united global collective, within the
L.O.V.E. network.


The Den Mother of Okanagan Indian Confederacy is named Matriarch Q. According to the 1837 Victorian Seal naming her the Matriarch of the Sylix (1st Nations— Grassroots Tribe), Matriarch Q is the Aboriginal Chief of the Okanagan; formally known as North America (refer to the 1763 Royal Proclamation).

Matriarch Q still holds Unceded Aboriginal Indigenous titles to the lands of Okanagan Indian Confederacy, making this Grassroots Tribe one of the few remaining Sovereign Aboriginal land holders that is not connected to a corporate Tribe, or Corporate Sovereign Nation. With the support of Light Indigenous Confederacy, Matriarch Q has recently declared her lands as a new Territory called, Country of Light.

L.O.V.E. + Okanagan Indian Confederacy

On 8/8/2018, Matriarch Q strategically aligned forces with the Chen Family Dynasty and Godspeed Technologies via Treaty, and appointed the founder of L.O.V.E. and Godspeed Technologies as a Chief of Okanagan Indian Confederacy, to bring L.O.V.E. to a global audience under the 1st Nations Grassroots veil.

As of 2023, Okanagan Indian Confederacy has further strengthened its network for the worldwide roll out out L.O.V.E. via Treaty, with the Alliance of Indigenous Nations and the ASMIN Turtle Island Tribe (Métis). With the completion of peace as the mission statement of the L.O.V.E. Project, Tribes have come together to release light, love, and joy for all walks of life, in the form of evolutionary technology.